Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Life In Black & White

I want world piece. I want there to be social justice, and really want a long vacation. I would love Israel to finally be cold enough. It's nearly the end of December and it's still sunny and warm. All the tourist are walking around like me, with a great smile on their face, a T shirt or vest, showing off their tan, and I threw on a light jacket so I wouldn't have to hear everyone commenting about me being crazy to walk around as if it were summer in mid winter (or so the calendar says). I wish it would be cold enough for me to be able to wear my amazing boots once more, purchased in Japan for the grand price of 300$ which I did not have at the time, but like a puppy looking at me from the shelf – I couldn't just leave them behind.

Walking in Harajuku, the most popular area in Tokyo known for the unique fashion statements of the young Japanese there, a hunting ground for new fashions for designers worldwide always left me with the tingly feeling. So, I had to get the amazing studded bracelet to match the boots. I'm a big fan of punk, all those studs and chains and leather etc., and when in Rome… I just fell in love. 

And for those of you who didn't recognize it, I'm posing in front of the amazing desert mountains near Eilat, and just had to take a photo of those cute little shells near the sea ;-)

Maybe, one day I'll go back to that exact spot for the photo shoot of my tenth anniversary special catalog of most famous designer ever to have worn checkered boots in the desert!

Hila :-)