Friday, November 16, 2012

To ♥ Japanese Street Fashion

You probably remember that I lived in Japan for Four good years. From the moment I landed in Japan, in Tokyo, it hit me – the colors, the freedom to choose and combine as you will, and the freedom to wear whatever you want. And they don't call you weird, they call you cool! I just fell in love with Japanese street fashion from the moment I saw it. 
Look at the photos below and see what I mean...
(and I have a challenge for you at the end of this post), japanese street fashion, cute japanese fashion

You can never go wrong with red, black & white stripes with jeans in Tokyo, japanese street fashion, cute japanese fashion

Colorful layers always get some attention (when you want it), japanese street fashion,

This is how you buy a pair of knee socks in Tokyo...Where else have you seen it?, japanese street fashion, cute japanese fashion

Like my belief that creativity calls for true freedom in creating whatever from whatever…  so the freedom to wear whatever makes YOU feel good is true fashion with no limits but the material you have and the way you choose to use it.  The bigger the freedom - the funkier the outfit, the more attractive and appealing.
I admit, sometimes out of context these outfits might seem bizarre, however you must try it at least once. Free your mind, choose the colors, the feel, the flow you have and wear it, go outside and don't care if no one else gets it. It's true freedom.
It is common knowledge that Israel has wonderful summers, and you can find sunny weather nearly year round… slightly problematic though if you fall in love with the Japanese street fashion trend of layers.  You see, in the Japanese winter Tokyo is COLD. The more layers the warmer you feel, the more color you can add the warmer you are – simple colorful logic. I miss it, though I've got up to 4 layers here… well, thin layers ;-)
How colorful you might be asking yourself? Here are two of my favorite Japanese street fashion blogs (that make me want to jump on a plane and go back there right now…)

* all the photos in this post were taken from these blogs

And now I have a challenge for you –
Let's try layers… 
or anything you wish as long as you think it's different. 
I dare you to dress up with no limits and 
add the photos to your Facebook page and tag me.
Here's a link to my page
I'll post the best ones here and promise a treat for the 
one that blows my mind.
Enjoy :-)

All my LoVe,