Friday, August 24, 2012

My Animated Life :-)

Anime, I love it. If I could animate life it would be great, just make everything possible. I still like the physical world, I like feeling the materials and creating things in 3D in a 3D life. And thinking of it, how could I be a jewelry maker in the 2D world, should I make a jewelry app to make people happy
I found this great zebra dress for 500yen in a recycle shop in Japan (recycle shop sounds so much nicer than a second hand shop, doesn't it ;-) 500yen is about 5$, I got the lace skirt at Zara for about 25$ and then the boots from Ebay for 38$ postage included!
the necklace is my own work: 

butterfly gifts, butterfly jewelry, butterfly jewellery, butterfly necklace

I had my good friend Eliya Tsuchida To animate this photo for me as I just love animal prints, he and his wife are amazing artists. You can see their work here.
I think I'm going to my studio now; I need to feel my materials after this post!

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