Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Jewish Christmas In Japan

Tokyo, December, cold and sunny, every departments store cheerfully decorated in Red Green and White Christmas decorations, a Christmas tree, 15 meter high springs up in Hachiko square…  Christmas jewelry for sale, Christmas carols played over loud speakers in the shopping streets, what a celebration.
And my friends... well, obviously, they're all excited about Christmas.  "So, what about you and Christmas?".  "Me… I don't celebrate… I'm Jewish…" I tell them.  "So?!" came back the puzzled replies… what's one got to do with the other?

It took me a few days longer of trying to explain why us Jews don't celebrate the birth of the Christian Christ until someone finally explained it to me… in Japan, and this I knew, they pick the fun parts out of stuff and adapt it to Japan.  In addition, the Japanese New year has been set to January 1st, when everyone goes back to their hometowns, to their families and has a traditional Japanese new year celebration. This makes Christmas the perfect time for celebrating with friends before you go home, and most importantly – it's the day to have a DATE!  Yep, if you're home alone on Christmas it's like not having a date for the prom…  

So with happy memories from Japanese Christmas and seasonal greetings, I leave you with photos of me in my Santa hat, with perfect Christmas jewelry, my red, green and white bracelet! :-)

All my LoVe and merry Christmas !

Friday, December 21, 2012

Who Said Men Don't Wear Mokume Gane Rings?

So who said that men don’t wear Mokume Gane rings? Men like jewelry too, and when the jewelry is right, it looks great. Take my husband for instance, whose figure is posing in these very attractive photos :-)

mokume gane rings, mens silver rings, mokume gane, unique silver rings

mokume gane rings, mens silver rings, mokume gane, unique silver rings

mokume gane rings, mens silver rings, mokume gane, unique silver rings

A Mokume Gane ring can be considered ultimate jewelry for men, as it combines a number of colors and creates a unique pattern the wearer can identify with. It looks as if nature got involved in the forging process, and created a pattern through the forces of nature itself. Mokume Gane is hand crafted, creating a unique piece each time. A piece of art with a classical Japanese design, these rings hold a statement of style always relevant.

This Japanese technique where metals are pressed together to forge a unique looking piece I learnt in goldsmith school, and really fell in love with it when I moved to Japan, where I lived for 4 years and fell in love with the mokume gane galleries and artists. I decided I'd become one myself, and you can find a number of items in my collections. You can find many his and hers sets…

mokume gane rings, mens silver rings, mokume gane, unique silver rings

Today, I'd love to hear about your special other's jewelry… what does he wear? 

All my LoVe (and really soon a merry Christmas!)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Where To Find Inspiration

After a fortnight (well, maybe a little more) of being really busy with my new jewelry collection, two kids, need for time off etc., I found a moment of total peace to tell you about inspiration.  Inspiration can come from anywhere, and so comes the story of the inspiration for this painting.

There is a tale in the Kabala of the creation of man and woman. This beautiful tale tells of how G-d created Adam and Eve connected at their backs, truly connected, as if they were one. He could not see her, she could not see him. Man and Woman were created different, but equal (yes, I hear the Feminists smiling at this one J) .
Once I heard this tale, I found the inspiration for this painting, my vision of the ancient Adam and Eve…
Inspiration can lie in anything, even stories. And they are even more fun, as you must imagine the visual story along with the words that weave the tale.  Tell me a story of your inspirations…

All my LoVe,