Sunday, July 8, 2012

My Private Little Garden

I'd like to share a little something about myself - I adore plants. I have a large sun terrace where I grow as many plants as space and design allow me, and that's one of my favorite places in my house. 
on pinterest I found a link  to a great tutorial showing how to make a miniature garden, and being a DIY fan I decided to try. 
I hopped down to my local nursery, a great place named the Agricultural
 Farm -  the greenest place in town, and I bought all the most amazing little succulents, gravel, earth and decorations I have plenty of at home. 
I present you with the result, isn't it the nicest little garden? I placed it next to a great bamboo plant, and a big smile comes to my face each time I lay my eyes on them. 
I truly recommend trying it yourself, it's fun, easy, and the result is worth it all.    

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