Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Sushi Spin Off

Those who know me know there are some things I am really passionate about, among them you will find Sushi and recycling.
Obviously Sushi can't be recycled, and the temptation to it fresh is leads to eating it. Though I can't eat raw fish, even after years in Japan, and even though the raw food movement is growing steadily… just can’t do it.
It's quite a challenge to find vegetarian Sushi in Japan, especially when you're new at it, as most menus show you only the popular fish variety. It's only when you get to know it that they stop staring at your curly hair (if that what you have, and I do) and let you in on the secrets of inari, tamago yaki, kampyo, kappa maki and the like.
The easiest way to get the sushi you want (while in Japan and searching for vegetarian sushi) was to make it myself. I would not recommend tasting my first attempts, but friends taught me, I practiced and got quite good. These days it's easier, and I even have a friend who teaches sushi in Israel (if you're here, I do recommend her sushi workshops ). Most of the time I just take advantage of any offer to go eat sushi… oiishi desu ne!

Back to the recycling issue, as I guess you'd like to know, I started collecting the Hashi -  the Japanese chopsticks, actually I have a great collection of both hashi and ware-bashi  which are the disposable type. As I prefer to recycle, not dispose of things I thought of something cool to do with them and this is the result:

If you liked this, I invite you to have fun and share with us. Go to my Facebook page and share 
photos of recycled projects you've done with Sushi or Chopsticks. The most popular ones will win a special offer discount for my Etsy Shop! :-) 

All my LoVe,

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Red Hot Chili Peppers In Israel!

It's happening! I just purchased my tickets to the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert in September!
I can't wait to be in the crowd, jumping, singing, sweating and going crazy with the music.
So, who said Hot Chili Peppers and felt the burn in their throat? Not me baby!
I feel the sweet feeling of anticipation, and the song that keeps playing in my head – here it is, because I like to share ;-)

Btw, how do you like this special necklace I'm planning to wear to the concert? Hot enough? :-;

All my LoVe,

Sunday, July 8, 2012

My Private Little Garden

I'd like to share a little something about myself - I adore plants. I have a large sun terrace where I grow as many plants as space and design allow me, and that's one of my favorite places in my house. 
on pinterest I found a link  to a great tutorial showing how to make a miniature garden, and being a DIY fan I decided to try. 
I hopped down to my local nursery, a great place named the Agricultural
 Farm -  the greenest place in town, and I bought all the most amazing little succulents, gravel, earth and decorations I have plenty of at home. 
I present you with the result, isn't it the nicest little garden? I placed it next to a great bamboo plant, and a big smile comes to my face each time I lay my eyes on them. 
I truly recommend trying it yourself, it's fun, easy, and the result is worth it all.    

 All my LoVe

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Geek Jewelry Collection - Tech - Lace

I'd like to introduce Tech-lace, my new and unique Geek Jewelry collection, art jewelry made of something all around us, Though we see through it many times – Hi Tech and computers.
We seem to be getting used to the fact that technology is advancing into every aspect of our life. Making it easier for sure, better or worse is not for me to say.  I love all things, and like to find beauty in what surrounds us, sometimes hidden beauty, as I found while peeking into the insides of my computer one day after it declared its final retirement and demanded an upgrade. This is what I saw inside (I admit, I usually don’t peek inside unless I really need to, and even then I'm no technician, I'm an artist…)

So here I am thinking… Oh Sh#@ I need a new computer, but also found myself thinking – Hey, this is cool, colorful, metallic, perfect to create with. And I started at it, first – imagining shapes, drawing sketches, and the cutting  the motherboard.
Now, Jewelry is not only about cutting, it's also the fun of combining materials, and of working with the metals I so love. I chose to use brass plates, and play with the combinations of shape and contrast between the brass and technology. 

Finally, I connected the two, added silver hinges, silver chains, and even rubber parts I found in a pluming shop…   
The result of that early retirement of my computer is now the Geek Jewelry collection before your eyes, a wonderful game of geometric shapes, colors and materials which come together in true creations of eco-geek wearable art.  You're sure to attract attention with these art geek jewelry pieces of tech art, with both art lovers admiring the bold design, and geeks trying to figure out which parts your jewelry used to be.
This Tech-lace collection, brings the motherboard and computer into the spotlight. Isn't this just the best present for all those art loving techie women out there and a must have if you want to attract a nice computer loving man, he's sure to notice you with this one ;-) 

All my LoVe,