Thursday, July 25, 2013

No more hearts sales on Jewish Valentine's Day

A few days ago we celebrated Tu Be'Av, the Jewish Valentine's Day. Like many other designers and brands, I knew that some pieces in my collection will be just right for lovers, especially items with a heart shaped pendant. 
At that point I was faced with a dilemma: should I offer heart shapes jewels on Tu Be'Av discount? Everybody else was doing it, big brands and small labels, designers I know and love and others I didn't even know about until I came across their Facebook ad campaign for Tu Be'Av.  Tu Be'Av sale ads were changing frequently and I couldn't escape them.
And then I realized something, if I can't escape them, no one can. These ads were everywhere and people stopped paying attention to them. Everybody knew about Tu Be'Av but eventually people would go to the mall and get their loved one some chocolate and flowers. Not many Israeli guys buy jewelry and when they do, it's for a really "big" occasion which would require an expensive piece.
So this year I didn't offer my creations to men. These jewels are made for women who love themselves every day and are welcome to my shop 24/7.

From my "Time For Butterflies" collection:

From my "Japanese Love" collection:

Bottom line:
Love isn't really limited to love fests and events; we should celebrate it all year round!  And... we should celebrate it wearing my heart shaped pendants, of course J    

All my LoVe,