Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

So, it's 2013! 

So, it's 2013! Well, I've been thinking about the meaning of 2013. 2000, that's a lot, but the 13 is the fun part. What about 13? 13 is a natural number after 12 and before 14, Is it a lucky number or an unlucky one? Depends on your beliefs I guess… 

Why is 13 unlucky?

In some cultures 13 is lucky. Pagan cultures, Judaism and even early Christianity saw it as lucky.  There used to be 13 months in the year and 13 signs in the zodiac. Jesus received the Magi on the 13th day, it's even the year a Jewish boy celebrates his bar mitzvah and becomes a man. Among other things that mean he can drink – now, wouldn't you consider that lucky? :-) 

Triskaidekaphobia, an acknowledged phobia of the number 13 is based in many cultures. Among others, the fact that the Mayan colander ended in 2012… so as we're passed 21.12.12 we should be looking forward to 2013 as a new beginning ;-) 13 became a big issue in the Middle Ages, as the 13th apostle at the last dinner was Judas. 
Thirteen is a prime; primes have always attracted attention (compare 7). What's worse, 13 is one past 12, the dozen, almost universally regarded as a perfect number, signifying harmony and all good things. Thirteen, by contrast, is a number of transgressions, taking matters one step too far, turning harmony into discord. 13 is also considered a feminine number, as there are 13 full moons a year. But 13's bad reputation may have more to do with fear of women, witchcraft, and disorder than is commonly supposed. (Taken from here).

I choose to see the good in numbers, as you will be seeing soon in my new collection. The beautiful numerology of the Time for butterflies collection combines numerological values for the important things in life - Health , Bliss, Love, Freedom, Courage, Peace, Blessing and Luck.  It's time for a new wonderful beginning.

Wishing you a blessed 2013 
and all my LoVe,