Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cherry Blossom Dream

I've just come back from a meeting at Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art In Haifa, where I met with the curator of my exhibition. Okay, for the sake of accuracy, I met with Moran, the Shop Manager where my jewelry is going to be exhibited on a shelf with other amazing items to be purchased in the shop museum, however it’s my humble beginning being presented in the museum.  A foot in the door of fame! ;-)
Here's one of the wonderful art jewelry pieces you can get at the museum, it's a cherry blossom charm necklace from my flower jewelry.

I was wearing the necklace on the train ride back home, remembering the train rides in Tokyo, in spring with cherry trees passing by … however the announcements in Hebrew kept getting in my way of daydreaming! Instead, I took out my notebook and drew this little cherry flower for the conductor's hat. 

Do you think they'll mind wearing it?  :-)

All my LoVe,