Sunday, August 4, 2013

To freebie or not to freebie

I was never a really big fan of freebies. If it's a freebie sample, it's always too small. If it's a gift, it's never unconditioned. For the past two years I've tried to evade handing out pieces of my jewelry in every way I could. I tried using Facebook ads, Google ads, all kinds of sales and marketing techniques, but I still didn't go viral. Oh, I wanted to go viral SO badly! At last I resorted to the freebie option, although I wasn't comfortable with it.

I chose my would-be freebie very carefully. The first time is always the hardest one, so I had to choose a piece that was an interpretation on a well-known symbol. Neither butterflies nor cogwheels: I went straight to the heart, the "Big Heart", to be exact!

So from now and till next Tuesday at 18:00, everyone who shares this photo gets a chance to win a Big Heart necklace. If you like to buy one just comment on the same Facebook post and get a 20% discount on a Big Heart of your own.

Bottom line:
Wouldn't you just love to have one of these "Big Heart" necklaces? 

All my LoVe,