Thursday, January 31, 2013

Love Is In The Air

Love is in the air… two weeks to go to Valentine's Day and I am in the mood for love. Now, before I go off and do the best things possible as far as love goes, which I will leave you to imagine yourself ;-)  I'll just go on a little about love and why it ended up as my jewelry.
As you might remember, I spent some time in Japan, and there I realized how some concepts are universal, while others take on a unique meaning of their own. Take love for instance, we love our children, we love our sweethearts, love chocolate and love going to the movies (especially if there's a good Love story in them.  For us, in English, we express all these feelings with the same word, Love… in Japan, you don't LOVE food, you like it. あい (AI), LOVE in the Japanese language is kept for the special romantic feeling between lovers, not a casual word to use. あい(愛AI) is a passionate word. You wouldn’t even dare say it to your girlfriend at first. At first it's always affection expressed by すき (好き, Suki), the affectionate like/love. If you truly feel it, then it's LOVE!
I wanted to feel that love all around me, wear it and display it, be able to give it and receive it…and so was born my Japanese Love collection, my love baby in some way. In it, I use a repetition of the word あい (愛AI), to create truly meaningful jewelry, to be given to loved ones, and worn close to the heart, filling us with true love.

Handmade heart necklace

handmade love necklace

Isn't it lovely to have love? I wish all of us that true feeling in the heart, and the pleasure of sharing the love… two weeks to go, are you ready?

All My LoVe (this time a lot of...:-))