Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Where To Find Inspiration

After a fortnight (well, maybe a little more) of being really busy with my new jewelry collection, two kids, need for time off etc., I found a moment of total peace to tell you about inspiration.  Inspiration can come from anywhere, and so comes the story of the inspiration for this painting.

There is a tale in the Kabala of the creation of man and woman. This beautiful tale tells of how G-d created Adam and Eve connected at their backs, truly connected, as if they were one. He could not see her, she could not see him. Man and Woman were created different, but equal (yes, I hear the Feminists smiling at this one J) .
Once I heard this tale, I found the inspiration for this painting, my vision of the ancient Adam and Eve…
Inspiration can lie in anything, even stories. And they are even more fun, as you must imagine the visual story along with the words that weave the tale.  Tell me a story of your inspirations…

All my LoVe,