Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Few Free Hours, Lots Of Inspiration

After a long time at home with two kids, my mom decided to give Eyal (my husband) and me a special treat of a few free hours and babysit the kids. We took the offer with two hands.  We drove not far away, just off the main road to a enchanted place named Heftziba, an old farmhouse and water mill from the early 19 hundreds. 


When you reach Heftziba you feel  like you've stepped into a dream, blooming nature, eucalyptus groves, a stream, green grass, birds, fish and funny large lizards who decided to run away from me instead of me running from them.

I believe inspiration is all around us, and Heftziba surely inspired me. Fascinating textures, color combinations and complex creatures, I had to photograph … and run home to create.

Wood textures:

Stone textures:

Combination of textures:

So, a day out isn't complete without the perfect outfit, here I am in my black H&M mini dress, Zara Jeans shirt, and amazing 20$ sneakers from Japan.
The jewelry I'm wearing here is part of my designs. 
You can see more of my Black & White collection here.

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The day was just perfect, and I hope my mum gets the hint when I suggest we make it a monthly ritual. Just look how happy we looked at the end of the day ;-)

This is a good place to say, THANK YOU MUMMY !
All my LoVe,