Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cross Body Bags

Being a sworn fan of bags and shoes (aren't we all?) I've got this perfect collection of links to cross body bags I'm definitely going to own one day. They're perfect for the autumn and all year round too :-)
Here are some great ones from, a site I love for my ability to meet many small designers and buy directly from them. I have my own shop there too which you're more than welcome to visit ;-)

So here's my top 10 cross body bags list:

               A combination of red and black & white stripes looks great with just              
                                             about anything.

                                 For all of you who likes a little bit goth:  

Lady's, do you smell it? haaa... I love vintage...

How can we do without geometric??

And pink?

That last one is so unique

O.K, more than 10, I know...I just couldn't help my self...

All my LoVe